My name is Renee, and I am the founder of Spice Road.

Having grown up in a little coastal country town called Woolgoolga I had always had a love affair with India, I grew up surrounded by the colourful, heady influence of India, with Woolgoolga being one of the largest Sikh Communities in Australia.

I laugh looking back when I was a little girl thinking that my own house while nice, felt a bit dull compared to my neighbours.  Saturday afternoon at my next door neighbours was always so much fun, there was a Bollywood movie blaring with Lalli our neighbour dancing, a spicy aromatic curry filling the house, some banana boxes to be built, a game of cricket in the backyard with the boys, layer upon layer of bright plastic bangles and my friend Surabjeet had the best high heeled rainbow thongs I had ever seen!

So the love affair with India started young and grew stronger, and my ability to appreciate their artisan qualities grew with age.  I had always gravitated towards Indian influenced homewares, in particular the Kantha quilt.   

As a person who sleeps hot, these were a perfect weight during Summer ensuring a good nights sleep but I could only ever find them in a throw size, nothing to adorn my whole bed with.  Then in 2017/2018 I travelled to India..... and lo and behold I found them.  Whilst travelling India I was using them on the bed, and I had never slept better.  Years and years of broken sleep, too hot, too cold........fell away literally overnight, this was honestly like the goldilocks of bedding, and Spice Road was born.

Everyone likes a nice home filled with lovely things and the look and feel of these gorgeous homewares are what initially attracted me to them as a purchaser but what inspired me to start a business was how it had improved my sleep health, and the bonus of course is that they are lovingly handcrafted pieces that make a home beautiful, which is possibly the exact reason you will buy them, just like I can thank me for the improved sleep later!

We work with 3 families in India: one who produces our Kantha range, one who produces our Jaipuri Quilted Range and one who produces our Teak Homewares range.   

We have developed a very close relationship with our families to bring you the finest quality materials and workmanship, and a piece that we hope you will treasure for many many years.

Thank you for your interest in Spice Road and its roots, we look forward to providing you, your friends and your family with many unique pieces, designed to be treasured for a lifetime.